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Construction Process Automation Software


Monitoring and Analysis

Monitor the construction process of your site remotely and also get an in-depth analysis of the process status along with data mapping and detailed reports.

Tendering To Invoice

Our software helps you automate the process right from tendering to invoicing and everything in between. With a single point of data-entry, the construction process has never been simpler.

Predictive Inventory Analysis

Using advanced data analytics, our system can forecast your inventory usage according to the construction speed and order stocks automatically. You can also get real-time stock and inventory reports on multiple sites remotely.

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Infrastructure and Construction processes are very complex. The margins are wafer-thin and margin for errors is high. Our Software simplifies the process predicting most requirements ahead of time so your processes keep running.

Features of our Construction Process Automation Solution


Construction sites process monitoring, analysis and data mapping
Tendering to Invoice creation (Single point of data entry)
Inventory Predictive Analysis and real-time stock & inventory reports on multiple sites.
Construction Contractor Billing Solutions
Vendor Management

Our Construction Process Automation is ideal for all construction and infrastructure companies

Stay on top of your construction processes through our solution which offers unique features that are custom designed to increase your margins and productivity.

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