Automated HR Processes


Payroll Processing

Automate your Payroll Processing for smooth operations. 1 click input for efficient and error-free payroll processing

Attendance Monitoring

Touchless Attendance Monitoring with real-time reporting for all departments for optimal efficiency

Performance and Reports

Monitor the performance of individuals and teams through our dashboard. Custom reports help you get the overall status of all employees on the click of a button

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And digitize your HR Department. With key insights and data analytics, decision making becomes effortless and error-free

Features of our Payroll Automation Solution


Real Time Attendance Capture (Touchless)
Customized Attendace Reports (Department, Agency, Contractor wise summary)
Automated Compliance Form Generation
Real-time wage Calculation as per attendance
Single Click Payroll Processing For more than 1,00,000 employees
Customizable in adherence to labour laws
Customized Allowances according to employee & employer
Automated ESIC, PF, and other compliance report generations (YTD)
Automated Appointment and Joining Letter Generation
Leave Management and Approvals
Performance measurements, workload allocation and to-do lists
Expense Reporting and Monitoring

Our Custom HR Solution is Perfect for mid to large sized companies

Stop spending 100s of man-hours for menial, repetitive tasks and shift to the new way of payroll outsourcing through our acclaimed payroll processing automation software.

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