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live cloud support chat

Chat live with your customers from your website.


Chat in the Cloud

Chat from the cloud, enabling easy access for both you and your customers.


Supports all devices

Cross platform compatible on nearly all OS’s and devices.


Chat from anywhere

At the office or on the go. Live Support web chat ensures you are always just a click away.


support your customers from anywhere at anytime.


The permissions manager is found inside the Users tab. This section gives you control over what users can see and do.


department they have picked. You can add and remove departments from the departments subsection in the users section.


The files section allows you to upload files that can be shared with your customers. Any uploaded and active files will show in the files drop down when chatting to a customer.

Standard Responses

Once you have added standard responses, they can be viewed on this screen, you can edit and delete them from here as well as add new ones. Any standard responses will be available when chatting to people via the standard responses drop down.


Every piece of visible text, both client and admin side is controlled from this section. You can update the text in real time, you will just need to refresh the screen after any changes.

Adding new languages
You can add as many languages to the application as you like. When you create a new language, it creates a new copy of the english language under the new name you have chosen. You can then go onto change the individual entries.

Updating individual language keys
Simply select the language you want to edit, and go through each ehtry and change it to what you want. you can use the quick search bar to narrow the results down if you want to change something specific. The updates are automatic, so just type the new value, an updated flag will appear to let you know the change has been made.


The feedback section allows you ask yoour customers questions once they have finished chatting. The questions are rated on a 1 – 5 star system, and you can ask as many as you want. The results of this feedback is visible in the feedback overview section.


The logs section stores conversation logs, and a list of clients who have used the chat system.

  • Conversation logs allows you to view historical conversations
  • Client logs stores a list of the customers who have used your chat

Picking up a conversation

When a user first starts a chat, it is not automatically assigned to anyone. This is so you can make sure that when you have multiple operators online, the conversation is picked up by the most relevant person. When a new user starts a chat, they will show up in the All Chats section.

when you click on the user, a dialogue will appear asking if you want to pick up the conversation.

When you accept, the chat is transferred to your queue, and you are the only operator that can speak to the customer, unless you transfer them.

Conversation transfers

If there is another operator online, you can transfer a conversation to them. Firstly, select the transfer conversation option from the chat window.

Then select the operator you want to transfer to, and type a message to go along with the request.

You will get a notification in the all chats area which shows that you have a outbound transfer request, the recipient will also have one, this notification allows the recipient to decline or accept the transfer, it also shows the message.

Ending a conversation

Ending a conversation is done from the conversation options menu, this will end the chat. If the user is still present in the chat they will be informed that the operator has left the conversation. It is not advisable to end a conversation until the client has left.

Visitors Online

The visitors online section allows you to proactively invite users to chat. You get a break down of the users online from this page, as well as the page they are visiting. You can only invite a user once. So whilst you will be able to see all users online, only the ones that have not been invited will have the invite button available.

After clicking the invite button, you can type a message to the user

This message is then displayed to the user on the web site.

Real-time Reports

Live reports show you details of all chats past and present. Analyze historic data and transcripts to determine patterns in your customers interactions.

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